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Vacay Protection – Mama Owners

Bear Tootin has created this program for our Papa Bear’s & have now made it available to our Mama Bears to give peace of mind to you as the property owner and the guests as the renter.

Vacay Protection covers the following:


Guest App


Guests can make payments, see property info, browse attractions, claim discounted tickets, and much more in one convenient place.


Damage Coverage

$1,000 per resv.

Bear Tootin will pay up to $1,000 per reservation of intentional or unintentional damages to the property by guests.


Wear & Tear

No Charge

Bear Tootin will replace certain worn items for your property without charging you anything. This includes most of your kitchen items, small appliances, shower curtains, bath mats & so much more. All you have to do is create a work order & attach a photo in your easy to use owners app. To see everything that is covered & what Bear Tootin will pay out to you, go to the "Property Inventory List".


Monthly Maintenance

No Charge

All of your light bulbs, batteries & air filters will be free. All you have to do is stop by our office & pick them up.


Inclement Weather

Reschedule Dates

Bear Tootin will encourage the guest to reschedule their reservation for a later time & not cancel completely

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