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Check-Out Procedures



@ 10am



load & start

Load dishes in dishwasher and press start. If your rental does NOT have a dishwasher, please rinse off dishes and leave in the sink.



place in shower

Place all the used towels in the shower or bath tub. Do not leave on the floor or furniture because it can cause water damage.



leave on beds

Do not strip the beds, leave all bed linens on the bed.


Set Temperature

75 Summer \ 65 Winter

Set thermostat to: 75 in the Summer 65 in the Winter


Windows & Doors

check & secure

Upon departure, make sure all windows & doors are shut and locked.



turn off

Turn all lights off



put back in place

We encourage all guest to leave furniture & decorations where they are upon arrival. If items are moved, please move them all back to where they were originally when you arrived.



gather up

Bag up & put in trash bins outside