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Papa Bear – Getting Started

Step 1


Owner Info From

This will ask you for personal info including your bank account so that we can direct deposit your income.

Step 2


Property Info Form

This will ask you for all the details about your property so that we can create your listing.

Step 3


Maintenance Info Form

This will ask for property info & contracts so that we can take care of your property.

Step 4


Management Agreement

This is the contact agreement that you trust us with taking care of your property, so look for an email to be sent to you.

Step 5


Dashboard & Listing

Bear Tootin will start working on building out your owner dashboard & creating your listing for your property. You will be notified when it is completed.

Step 6


Log-In & Explore

Now that you have you info to login, go ahead check things out.

Step 7


Block Your Dates

If you have any special dates that you need to block off make sure to do it right any before your next guest books then.

Step 8


Proof Read

Nobody knows your property like you do so look over your listing to make sure we have everything correct.

Step 9


Property Insurance

We know that ANYTHING can happen while a guest is staying in your property, so to help keep us all protected please add Bear Tootin to your policy.

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