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Mama Bear Add On’s

These are perks our Papa Bear Members automatically get for free as part of our management, but now you have the option of adding them to your Mama Bear Package with an additional fee.

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Guest App

$15 per month

By having this app for your guest they can now make payments, get all their check-in info, see property details, browse attractions, claim discounted tickets, and much more in one convenient place.


Property Photo's


If you choose to have photos taken by Bear Tootin the charge would be $150. We are not professionals but we have a very candid eye and have been taking photos of our properties for a very long time.


Drone Pictures


Several years ago we purchased a drone to help get pictures of properties that are hard to capture when standing on the ground.


360 Virtual Tours


3D virtual walkthroughs allow potential guests to check out every room and corner as if they were really there. With this feature added to your listing, your guests know what they are seeing online is actually how your property will look in real-life. Compared to photos and videos, this technology offers a more accurate and immersive experience to cut down on guests' questions and feel more confident when booking your property.


Floor Plans


When you add a floor plan to your properties listing, you step up your communication with potential clients. Your listing will stand out from competitors and look more professional, potential clients will be able to decide at a glance if your property suits their wants and needs, and it will save time answering questions about the property. In order to do this, you must also do the virtual tour as they use the same software.


Property Signage


Appropriate signage is very important to mark your property to that it is easy for guest to find. We work very closely with a local company who makes our durable, good quality, and affordable signs. You can have your sign made through us which will have your cabin name & our company name.


Hot Tub Sign


Along with the property name sign, it is very important to have a "Hot Tub Warning" sign. This keeps you & your guest safe while they are using the hot tub. This sign is made of dibond & is very sturdy to last for years. We keep this sign in stock at our office as we make it a requirement for our Papa Bear Members due to insurance purposes. (we highly recommend this sign)


Maintenance Service

$75 per call

As an owner that does most of the work yourself, sometimes you do need a day off, may have an emergency, or just taking a family vacation. We can be here to help you! We now offer our maintenance guys to do emergency service calls for our Mama Bears owners for a $75 service fee. Our maintenance guys are able to do general maintenance like helping guests if they are locked out or getting the tv to work. We are just a phone call away to help you while you are out of service or on vacay.


Pest Control

$65 per month

Being with Bear Tootin, you have the option to sign up for monthly pest control provided by Orkin. Pest control is very important and we think it is a necessity in the rental business. Because we have so many properties on the program, Orkin gives us a very affordable rate which is paid for by Bear Tootin & is deducted from your statement each month. Covered by Orkin during Monthly Service: General Pest, Carpenter Bees, Bed Bugs, & Mice. Exclusions for Orkin are wildlife (raccoons, bats, possums, birds, snakes, etc).

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