Tips: for Buying a Cabin


You have decided to buy a cabin in the Smoky Mountains to call your own. Whether your buying it for a free vacation home that will pay for itself or as an investment; you`re  ready to take the next step. Who better to advise you then a rental company who knows what the guests want?

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Inside the YELLOW line is the area you want to stay in when buying a cabin.

area map


*Sevierville: keep on the Pigeon Forge side of Dolly Parton Pkwy

*Gatlinburg: not pass Bent Creek Golf Course on 321 \ 20mins from light #3 is to far for guest & they will write it in a review which can hurt future reservations

*Pigeon Forge: anywhere in this are is a great location

*Wears Valley: anywhere in this are is a great location

*Townsend: is 25+ mins away from all of the attractions…but it is well know to those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Smokes. you want to stay on the off the main strip before the 2 lane go down to 1 lane. 

Road Condition & Parking

*Road Type: ask yourself, can you get to the cabin in bad weather? If not, just know ahead of time this could mean that reservations will have to be canceled during snow & ice.

*Road Type: are the roads narrow & steep. Most guest come from flat land areas & can be very intimidated by mountain roads. 

*Parking: There should be enough parking for how big the cabin is. Example: if it’s a 5 br, is there enough parking for 3 vehicles

*Parking: is the parking are level or on a hill side. Flat is always the best. As soon as a guest gets to their cabin the first thing they will notice is when they start unpacking the vehicles & the door keeps slamming shut because of a steep hill…within the first 30 mins of their stay, they will be frustrated

*Gavel: if the road is gravel, you can’t advertise as motorcycle friendly

Outside & Curb Appeal

*Curb Appeal: Your guest will be picking your cabin from hundreds of others based off of pictures & you want your cabin to really stand out. A good tip to go by is to look for a cabin that has a nice entrance to the front door…like a porch or deck. 

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*Hot Tub: This is the 2nd thing that the guest look for. If you have the option to buy a new one, always go with a light interior. White is the best, it always looks great & very clean in pictures. The darker the inside, the dirtier the water looks (even if it is clean as can be) 

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*Rocking Chairs: Guest look to seat outside & enjoy the mountain air, so rockers are a must. Just know ahead to time that with the whether & “Wears & Tear”, rocking chairs usually will have to be replaced every few years. Advise: if you buy chairs that are painted from the factory then that is great…but never paint them yourself because over time & as the guest uses them the paint will come off & mark marks all over the deck floor.

*Outdoor Table & Chairs:  If you have room for it this counts as an amenity. This is always a big plus for the guest & provides them with an outside dining experience.  

 *Grill: If you have a gas grill, you will have the expense of refilling the pro-pain tank & ussually they have to be replace from “wear & tear” every 2-3 years. Having a park grill with a lid will last forever. 


*Firepit: This counts as an amenity & is a big attraction for guest. Only put in a firepit & has safety in mind 1st.  In the area that the firewood is placed, its always safest to have a “wall” around it, this way if a child gets too close it will protect them from the fire. Stay away from metal ones because they are very hot to the touch. Don’t create a “pit” down in the ground because someone could fall in. 

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Floor Plan

*Main Entry Level: Always should have at least 1 bedroom & 1 bathroom, this will be for guest that are older or have a “handicap” & have trouble with stairs. 

*Main Level Bathroom: if possible its better to have a walkin shower over a tub shower, mainly for elderly & guest with handicaps.

*Main Entry: should be on the level with the living room, kitchen, dining room. If possible. 

Living Room

*Sofa Sleeper: you have to have a sofa anyways, so you might as well make it a sleeper & increase your occupancy 

*Sofa Sleeper: always make sure it is comfortable. It will be used often & if its bad the guest will talk about it in a review. The best sleeper mattresses are the memory foam without springs. 

*Seating: you want to maximize as much seating as possible. If the cabin sleeps 10 & only 4 can sit in the living room, you will get complains. 

*Fake Leather Furniture: If you have a big wall of windows in the living room & if the sun shines through them at any time, a fake leather coach will start to peal from sun damage within a few years


*Coffee & End Tables: The more “rustic” & “pre-dented” the better. The tops of the tables will get alot of “wear & tear” & with the rustic look, it will just blend in…but the smoother the surface, the more it will show damage. 

table-chic-rustic-table-lighting-rustic-coffee-table-rustic-coffee-table-set-rustic-coffee-table-sets     Shop-Coffee-Tables-Cool-As-Square-Coffee-Table-And-Gold-Coffee-Table


*Cookware: make sure its well stocked. About 1/2 of the guest will use the kitchen & if things are missing, they will be very upset. We do have an inventory list of items that are requested by the guest

*Dishes: make sure there is a least enough for how many guest your cabin sleeps. Its always best to have a few more in storage so you have replacement pieces as you need them (sometimes its a challenge to find an exact match as time goes by & you don’t want “mismatch” items).

*Food Pantry: look for a kitchen that will have extra empty cabinets for the guest to put their food in

*Counter Space: in the kitchen there should be enough counter space to prep food

Dining Room

*enough seating in the dining room & kitchen combined to match the number of adults a cabin sleeps

*table- the more “rustic” it looks the better. These tables do better on “wear & tear”









Game Room

*pool table, Foss ball, arcade, air hockey, ping pong

*an enclosed room (like a basement) is always better then an open loft…mainly for the notice level

Other Amenities